Our Story

Cann-A-lab was founded in November 2016 by Charles K. Shutz M.T. (ASCP), after Amendment 2 passed in Florida, allowing for the expanded use of medical cannabis. With over 35 years of experience in the Clinical Toxicology Laboratory field, Mr. Shutz was finally able to pursue his dream of starting a medical cannabis testing facility ensuring patients receive pure, true and clean medicine. Mr. Shutz is responsible as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Cann-A-Lab, ensuring optimal oversight of the entire operation.

Cann-A-Lab’s founding team will be made up of talented individuals with the right mix of science and business skills. This groundbreaking and scalable business model is something to be proud of, and we will keep growing so you will be a vital part of us. We have and will work relentlessly to become the superior provider of medical cannabis testing solutions.

Our Mission

Our brand new and state-of-the-art laboratory has been carefully designed to provide you with the highest satisfaction in all our services. We are dedicated to becoming your partner in long-term success. Patients will quickly become familiar with our commitment to ensuring their access to medical cannabis that has been tested for safety and potency. Cannabinoid and terpenoid potency information is used to match specific strains to medical conditions. Each of the hundreds of compounds found in medical cannabis affect the body in various ways and offer unique medical benefits. These respective levels can vary widely in different strains due to genetics and growing conditions. We provide detailed quantitative analysis allowing doctors to match patients with the most effective medicine.


Our Blog

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